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In our connected world, you deserve the same streaming, telecommuting, conferencing, and other tools that people across the world rely on. Consolidated is pleased to introduce Consolidated Fiber, our fiber optic network that will deliver high-speed internet to improve your quality of life. Construction began with a pilot project—and the first customers received fiber internet service in June 2018. From here, we’ll continue to expand the Consolidated Fiber network, with priority on the communities where our members live.

We want to hear from you! Our construction schedule will depend, in part, on member demand, so fill out the form on this website to let us know you want high-speed Internet service from Consolidated Fiber! The full project will take multiple years, and our commitment to completing the project for our members—for you—will continue strong.

Check the website for continuing updates on the project. View more information on services and pricing.

Consolidated. Light up your life.

Fiber Internet

Don’t be frustrated by slow or unreliable Internet—get turned on and plugged in. Experience the convenience of 100% Fiber Internet from Consolidated.

What are the advantages of Consolidated Fiber?

  • Connect multiple devices to the Internet without sacrificing speed
  • Stream Netflix, Amazon Prime and other online movies, TV shows and videos without hiccups
  • Download and upload large files like photos without long delays
  • Service and support from your member-owned cooperative

Fiber 100

Power your digital life. Surf, store your pictures and videos to the cloud, stream your favorite movies and shows in HD, all without annoying buffering. Our service is symmetrical giving you download and upload speeds of up to 100 Mbps—all without data caps.


Fiber 250

The ideal plan for the connected family. With this package, everyone in the family (and friends that visit) can surf, stream movies and music, access security cameras, and play games online on multiple devices all at the same time. Our service is symmetrical giving you download and upload speeds of up to 250 Mbps—all without data caps.


Fiber 1000

Clocking in at 10 times faster than our Fiber 100 plan, this is the package for the family struggling to support the explosion of internet connected devices. Many homes have more than 30 internet enabled devices which is why we created this plan. If you work from home, watch videos online, stream music, play video games, and have smart home devices such as thermostats and security systems, this is the plan for you. Our service is symmetrical giving you up to 1000 Mbps of download speed and up to 1000 Mbps of upload speed—all without data caps.


Gamer Gig

If you’re a serious gamer, boost your gaming advantage with this plan. Gamer Gig is built with the serious gamer in mind. Traffic is prioritized on our all fiber network so that you get the speed and super low latency resulting in maximum throughput needed for gaming. When you’re not gaming, you can still work from home, watch videos online, stream music, and have smart home devices such as thermostats and security systems. Our service is symmetrical giving you up to 1 Gig of download speed and up to 1 Gig of upload speed—all without data caps.


Managed WiFi (recommended add-on)

  • WiFi router 
  • Router installation and setup
  • No cost for tech visits due to router issues


Consolidated’s CrowdFiber site is now using color to better communicate the various fiber zone stages. Simply locate your zone and note its color. Check back often and stay up-to-date with what’s happening in your area.

  • Gray – Gathering Interest . This is the time when you and your neighbors need to actively sign up at fiber.consolidated.coop to tell us you want fiber internet service.

  • Yellow – Planning/Design . This color indicates that residents have shown a strong interest in Consolidated’s fiber internet service, so we’re in the stage of actively planning to build fiber to each electric resident we serve in the zone.

  • Orange – Sign Up/Commitment . The engineering work is complete, and we’re set to begin construction. Generally, we wait for enough residents to sign up so that it’s cost effective to build the network.

  • Dark Orange – Construction/Goal Met . Congratulations! The goal’s been met in your zone, and a timeline for fiber network construction to your home is established. Labor and materials are also allocated. Depending on the size of your zone, construction can vary from a few weeks to a couple of months. We’ll communicate construction progress and talk with you about any special situations involving your property that might make fiber construction complicated.

  • Green – In Service ! Construction is complete and service is active. We are still accepting new fiber internet customers in these areas.

Fiber Zones in Service

Green means go! Construction is complete and service is active. We are still accepting new fiber internet customers in these areas.

Crowdfiber site update

4:28pm November 15, 2019

Hi there! 

We’re freshening up our CrowdFiber site, so please don’t worry if you don’t see your zone listed. The site is currently being updated to streamline information.  

One of the primary changes is within the “zone” page. For example, if your zone status has been activated to “gathering interest,” you will see that reflected on the page and on the zone map.  

We’re working on the fiber business plan for 2020 and will announce new zones over the course of the next year, so stay tuned!  

All the best,

The team at Consolidated Fiber

Fiber update

4:19pm August 1, 2019

The economic climate has dramatically shifted since we began the fiber initiative in earnest three years ago, and costs continue to remain too high for Consolidated Cooperative to resume prior efforts to deliver fiber to members’ homes. Therefore, Consolidated Cooperative’s suspension of fiber continues to remain in effect.  

However, there are some exceptions. Depending on where you are located, you may still receive service if Consolidated already has mainline residential fiber built to your zone. These active zones include Houseman, Ostrander North, Ostrander South, and Olive Green. If you’re unsure if you reside in a zone where fiber service is available, please call our Service Specialists at 800-421-5863 or visit the fiber zones map.


What’s next? 

While it seems that nothing has really changed since we delivered our last update, there is good news to report about our effort to bring you broadband service. Your cooperative continues to explore several options. Watch for more information about broadband and other co-op matters on State of the Co-op, a new initiative where we’ll report to you, our members, twice a year via webinar and podcast. 


Join us to hear what your cooperative is doing in all its service. Our first “State of the Co-op,” with Consolidated’s president and CEO, will be broadcast later this month. In between State of the Co-op, we hope you will enjoy Consolidated Connections, a new monthly podcast series about our services and other happenings here at your co-op. It will be launching soon!   


We’re excited to add webinars and podcasting to our communication mix so that we can reach more members and deliver news and information in an effective and timely manner.  


Thank you for your interest and support, and thank you for your patience. If you need clarification on anything in this update, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. After all, Consolidated is YOUR co-op. 


For additional information please visit our Fiber Suspension portal on our website, https://www.consolidated.coop/fiber-service-suspension/ 

Fiber Update

7:31am April 30, 2019

Dear Consolidated Cooperative Members:

Your cooperative is suspending its expansion of new residential mainline fiber while it adapts to changing market conditions and potential new funding opportunities.

Your cooperative remains committed to bringing quality-of-life products and services to its members and communities to enable growth and prosperity; we will be taking time to evaluate how best to move forward to bring increasingly valuable broadband internet service to you. Meanwhile, we will continue to serve our existing broadband customers and to attach new services where mainline has been built.

Our original plan included the continual evaluation of the rapidly changing market and actual costs involved in our efforts. There has been enough change to warrant a delay for the best interests of our members.

As we evaluate and fortify our approach to providing broadband service, we’ll seize the opportunity to explore additional avenues of funding, while enhancing our existing services. Consolidated Cooperative is built on a foundation of service and partnership, and we take our responsibility to heart.

You will be the first to know when and how we will resume our efforts to bring you high-quality and affordable broadband. We know it is increasingly becoming less of a nicety and more of a necessity.

Thank you for your patronage and confidence in Consolidated Cooperative. We encourage you to contact our service specialists at (800) 421-5863 with questions or concerns, and please visit our Fiber update site www.consolidated.coop/fiber for additional information.


Phil Caskey, President 

CEO Larry Roof, Chairman of the Board

U Can’t Touch This!

3:44pm April 11, 2019

If you’re in a zone where Consolidated Fiber is currently installing infrastructure, you may see something unusual on your lawn – such as temporary drops. These “drops” are lines that will eventually be buried underground. 

We understand that spring has sprung and some of us are already mowing and tending to our lawns, so if you find a temporary drop you can mow close to the line, but please don’t move the line. In fact, you might want to listen to the advice of M.C. Hammer: "U Can't Touch This."

Consolidated Fiber’s field crews are working as quickly as they can to get the lines buried. If you’re seeing temporary drops of them in your zone, it’s a sure sign of progress. How quickly crews can bury the lines depends on the weather, but our best estimate is that it will take two to four weeks.  

Thanks for your patience and understanding. 

Are We There Yet?

3:27pm April 4, 2019


There is tremendous interest in the status of Consolidated Fiber’s progress, and we hope the information in this week’s update will help address your questions and concerns.  

The next time you pull out of your driveway to run an errand at the store, ask the kids in the backseat to count the number of utility poles along the way. You may be surprised to learn that our field engineers and construction crews must touch every single one of them before we can bring super-fast, reliable, and affordable broadband internet to your home 

Although we wish we could flip a switch and all electric members would immediately become fiber customers, financially and logistically this is an impossibility. It took the farmers in our rural area several years to fully install electric lines, and while it won’t take nearly as long to install fiber infrastructure, like those who founded the co-op more than 80 years ago, we’re pioneers. Consolidated is the first cooperative in the State of Ohio to bring fiber internet to its members, and this is a multi-year rollout that we anticipate will take three to four more years.  

Here’s where we are today  

Houseman Zone – 5 miles of fiber infrastructure is built, and we are 100% complete with connecting services to homes.  

Ostrander North Zone33 miles of fiber infrastructure is built, and we are 80% complete with connecting services to homes. 

Ostrander South Zone27 miles of fiber infrastructure is built, and we are 55% complete with connecting services to homes.  

Olive Green Zone30 miles of fiber infrastructure is built, and we are 30% complete with connecting services to homes. 

What’s Next? 

While we would like to tell you exactly where our engineers and work crews are going next, there is a delicate balance of dynamic factors such as logistics, financing, customer demand, and others that we must first weigh carefully. Announcing what’s next too early, when our ability to meet your expectations can change, can be frustrating for you and us.   

As for the question, Are we there yet? No, not yet for many of you. But we’re moving as quickly as we can. In the meantime, remember the importance of all of those poles the next time you pull out of the drivewaythey’re the infrastructure that helps us Light Up Your Life.

Attention Ostrander South Residents: Don’t Get Left Behind

10:08am March 28, 2019

Are you tired of the slow lane? We know you are. And you know how we can tell? Residents of your zone are well on their way to enhancing their quality of life with Consolidated Fiber’s ultra-fast, affordable, and reliable broadband internet.  

If you reside in Ostrander South, join your friends and neighbors who have already made the wise decision to travel in the fast lane and sign up for Consolidated Fiber’s internet services. 

But hurry! Mainline construction is nearly complete. Take advantage of special pricing while we’re still in your area, because once we move to a new zone the cost to circle back to Ostrander South will increase.  

What are you waiting for? The fast lane awaits! 

(Here’s a great big SHOUT OUT and thank you to the champions in Ostrander South for making their zone a success.) 

Should I, or Shouldn’t I?

10:54am March 21, 2019

The choice is yours, but we think you SHOULD. Make Consolidated Fiber your internet provider, that is. Brought to you by Consolidated Cooperative, Consolidated Fiber has the same deep commitment to improving the quality of life in our communities.

You have a choice. We hope you’ll go with us.

Top Ten reasons to go with Consolidated’s Fiber Internet

1.      Dedicated employees who care about you

2.      Expert technicians who are quick to respond

3.      Enough bandwidth for all your devices

4.      Ultrafast, reliable, and high-quality connection

5.      Affordable

6.      Unlimited internet usage

7.      Enables your home for the future of technology

8.      Crystal clear phone conversations and streaming video

9.      24/7 technical support

10.   Fiber internet can increase your home’s market value

Sign up today!

We’re Raising the Bar

11:34am March 14, 2019

We could simply tell you that Consolidated Fiber is a game changer, but we thought you might prefer the words of your friends and neighbors who are already customers:

“It is way faster than what we are used to.”

“The speed is great! Our previous service from another provider was very slow and we had to have a booster.”

“We haven’t had internet in my area until now. I love it!”

“Before, we had no option. Consolidated is much better than our previous service.”

“It is really fast, and streaming is fast. It is fantastic!”

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to your friends and neighbors. When it comes to speed, reliability, and affordability, Consolidated Fiber is raising the bar. If you haven’t already, now’s a good time to sign up for service.

Talk fiber with us on May 18th

1:16pm March 7, 2019

If you’re a member of Consolidated Cooperative, be sure to visit the fiber booth during the Annual Meeting of Members, Saturday, May 18 from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., with registration beginning at 7:30 a.m. The event is at the co-op’s Delaware office this year, 4993 State Route 521.

The Consolidated Fiber team will be on hand to answer your questions related to ultra-fast, reliable, and affordable broadband fiber internet – and if you haven’t already signed up for our fiber internet service, you can do it that morning.

In addition to the fiber booth, come and learn about Consolidated’s gas and electric services, get energy-saving ideas, have an opportunity to meet and talk with the co-op’s trustees, obtain advice from our arborist, who will send you home with tree seedlings (if you want them), and enjoy an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast along with fun activities for the entire family.   

If you’re planning to attend, please let us know by calling 800-421-5863 no later than May 6, or look for your registration card in the April issue of Ohio Cooperative Living and in your April billing statements.

See you at the fiber booth!

Dependable. Reliable. Consolidated Fiber

2:01pm February 28, 2019

Welcome to the month of March. Meteorologists are telling us the week ahead is supposed to be cold and somewhat snowy. If the proverb, “In like a lion, out like a lamb” holds true for the third month of the year, that must mean we’ll be basking in some warmth and sun a few weeks from now.

Not so fast. We’re in Ohio, remember? The weather is about as predictable as, well, life itself.  

But here’s something you can count on: Consolidated Fiber. In the words of our customers:

·         “It works!”

·         “It’s reliable.”

·         “On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being tops, I give it a 25.”

Consolidated Fiber is brought to you by Consolidated Cooperative. The co-op’s sole purpose is to make life better for the people who live and work in our community. We don’t answer to investors in far-flung geographic areas. Instead, we answer to YOU.

If you haven’t already, make your move today and sign up for ultra-fast, affordable, and reliable Consolidated Fiber. Complete the information above to get started.

Olive Green and Ostrander North Residents: So many reasons to sign up today!

2:28pm February 21, 2019

There are many reasons your friends and neighbors are signing up for Consolidated Fiber. Here’s what one customer shared with us:

“The lightning-fast speed is great for gaming, the symmetrical speeds are great for streaming video, but when it comes right down to it, it’s the security and peace of mind I have with Consolidated Fiber that is most important to me.”

Olive Green residents we’re in your zone right now, connecting your neighbors every day. Don’t get left behind.  Join your neighbors and surf, store your photos and videos to the cloud, stream your favorite movies and shows in HD, all without annoying buffering.  Sign up now!

Attention: Ostrander North residents. Consider this the final call before we leave your zone. This is your LAST CHANCE to sign up for super-fast, reliable, and affordable broadband fiber internet. Once we move out of your area, the cost to connect will increase—and it may be a long time before we’re able to get back to your area. What are you waiting on? Hurry and sign up today!

Ostrander North wraps up mainline construction

1:40pm February 14, 2019

Here’s a great big SHOUT OUT to Consolidated Fiber Champions in the Ostrander North zone. Over the rivers and through the woods and fields they went, pounding the pavement and knocking on doors to tell their friends and neighbors about a quality of life-changing new service: Consolidated Fiber’s ultra-fast, affordable, and reliable broadband internet.

We’re thrilled to announce that mainline construction is now complete in Ostrander North, and that means fantastic news for hundreds of new broadband customers who will never have to worry about the slow lane ever again. Thank you to the champions in Ostrander North for making their zone a success.


Surf’s Up in Olive Green

2:18pm February 7, 2019

The weekend forecast is calling for more cold temperatures, and maybe even some snow—but the weather couldn’t be better for surfing the web. 

Consolidated Fiber began connecting service to Olive Green residents earlier this week, just in time for the return of chilly temperatures. Now’s a great time to hop online and plan a trip to a tropical climate, unearth a delicious new recipe, research the latest home energy-saving trends, and do a little online shopping for some springtime fashions (spring officially begins March 20!). 

Or be like David, a Consolidated Fiber customer since last summer, and connect your new Wi-Fi service to your phone and take advantage of many life-enhancing devices. For example, you can connect your home’s thermostat to your mobile phone and turn the lights off and on in your house when you’re not there. 

Straight talk from our customers 

We hope you won’t mind if we share some comments from customers who have been enjoying Consolidated Fiber’s service for several months: 

  • “The whole process went so well. The technician was very professional and very good. 

  • The installers were phenomenal. They were fantastic. 

  • It is a million times faster than what we had before.
    We haven't had internet out here, until now.  It is faster than my hotspot. 

Consolidated Fiber is broadband internet at its best: super-fast, reliable, and affordable. Olive Green, you’re going to love it! Go forth and have fun, launch an online business, help the kids with their homework, and enjoy this quality of life service. Don’t forget to tell your friends and neighbors about this exciting new service. 

From all of us here at Consolidated Fiber: We couldn’t be more excited for our friends in Olive Green!

An apology

11:48am February 6, 2019


There is a group of Consolidated members to whom the cooperative owes a sincere apology. They are the Fiber Champions who volunteered to help us get word out about our new, fiber-optic internet services.

It is with humility and regret that I personally ask you to recognize that it was the cooperative, not our Fiber Champions, that have failed to communicate the scope and effects of the unexpected delays we have experienced in getting our services to your homes—not the Champions.

The situation is complex and not easy to explain. Consider that it took more than 80 years to bring electric power to all our members, and we are targeting a mere three to four years to get fiber-optic lines to nearly everyone. Please be assured that we have adapted timing and plans to prevent other surprises from impacting our Champions like this.

The real failure, however, was that as we worked diligently and feverishly to overcome our challenges, we overlooked keeping our Champions and you aware of what was happening. That problem was completely avoidable, and it is the problem for which I am most profoundly apologetic.

If you’d like more about what happened, read more in our “Backdrop” document.

Moving forward

If you are in an area where we have solicited commitments and you signed up, but we still have not started construction, you have received a separate letter. If not, please know that we are still coming, we still plan to get service throughout our electric service territory within the next few years, and that you will certainly have plenty of opportunity to know when your areas are ready for us to schedule connections.

Please know, too, that we will always strive to provide the best service, including how we communicate with you. Expect future updates at least weekly on our CrowdFiber site and in other media.

Meanwhile, I hope you still understand and appreciate that you and your neighbors, through your cooperative, are among the first in Ohio to bring this increasingly important, life-changing service to yourselves, in places where most providers have said it cannot be done affordably!


Philip Caskey

Coming soon to your mailbox

7:10pm January 31, 2019

If you live in Ostrander North or Ostrander South, or in Olive Green, we have some news for you! 

Want a better life for your family, with the convenience of super-fast, reliable, and affordable broadband internet? Then you’re probably someone who likes to keep up with the Joneses.

Or, in this case, it’s the Boleses.

Meet Ryan Boles. He was Consolidated Fiber’s first fiber internet customer. His quality of life has dramatically increased, thanks to his new broadband internet service.

Ostrander North and South residents: Be like Ryan. We’re nearing the end of construction in your neighborhoods, and now’s the time to sign up for Consolidated Fiber and receive 60% off installation! Look for details in your mailbox. 

Live in Olive Green? Like to save money? We have an opportunity for you, too! Consolidated is very close to completing construction in your fiber zone. Time’s running out to take advantage of Consolidated Fiber’s sign-up special. Say good-bye to slow or unreliable internet—and experience 100% fiber internet from Consolidated Cooperative. Details arriving soon in your mailbox—soon! (Once construction in your zone is completed and we’ve moved to another zone, your cost to connect will increase.)

Ostrander North, Ostrander South and Olive Green: Enhance your quality of life. Live the good life, affordably, with Consolidated Fiber. 

Fiber update

3:44pm January 15, 2019

Like many other businesses and services, Consolidated Fiber is impacted by the partial government shutdown in our country.


Consolidated Fiber is paying its construction costs primarily using loans from The United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service (RUS) agency. RUS administers programs that provide much-needed financing for infrastructure or infrastructure improvements to rural communities, including telecommunications projects like Consolidated’s fiber network. 


At this point, Consolidated Fiber is unable to access funds from RUS due to the shutdown. The result is that we are unable to fund active engineering for new fiber zones and new fiber mainline construction until the shutdown concludes and those funds are released.


We sincerely apologize and are just as frustrated as you for the inconvenience this interruption creates for those waiting to receive Consolidated Fiber’s broadband internet service. We are monitoring the situation closely, but we cannot move forward until funding from RUS becomes available.  

It's worth waiting for

10:30am December 12, 2018

By bringing fiber internet to your neighborhood, Consolidated is changing lives. Our mission is important, and we want to get it right because you’re depending on us.

However, weather, waiting for equipment to arrive, and availability of work crews (especially during the holidays) all have an impact on how quickly we’re able to get to your area and get your home connected to our broadband internet service.

We know you’re more than ready for Consolidated Fiber. You tell us every day. Rest assured: If you live in one of our fiber zones, Consolidated Fiber is making its way to you. In fact, we’re just as excited as you are, and we can’t wait to light up your life!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

8:12am November 6, 2018

Want to help Consolidated Fiber spread the word about our new fiber internet service? Give us a call at 800-421-5863 and talk to one of our service specialists. We’ll be glad to get some of our super, already-created marketing materials out to you. You’re free to distribute them to your friends and neighbors in Consolidated’s service area. Again, just give us a call. We’ll either mail them or drop them by your home or office.

We sincerely appreciate your willingness to help!

Friendly reminder: Please don’t place any of Consolidated’s promotional materials in U.S. mailboxes. It is illegal to do so.

Consolidated Fiber Construction Update

9:34am October 24, 2018

Since announcing plans to offer fiber internet service, the Consolidated Cooperative team has been busy planning, designing, and constructing a fiber optic network throughout our cooperative territory. The first area where we are offering Consolidated Fiber service was in the Houseman fiber zone. Ninety percent of the homes in that zone signed up for the service. All those customers are now experiencing the life-changing difference of Consolidated Fiber. In a survey conducted by an outside research firm, all respondents reported 100% satisfaction with the service.

Here are some of the fabulous comments we’ve received from happy customers:

·         It is always on and works perfectly.

·         The attention that was given to my install was exceptional. The service quality I have had zero issues with. I have not experienced any outages. It is very stable.

·         I would give it a 15 (the scale was 1 to 5). I am bragging about it. Just keep doing what you are doing.


Since offering service in the Houseman fiber zone back in June, we have gone on to construct and install fiber internet service in the Ostrander North and Ostrander South fiber zones. We have already installed or are scheduled to install service to 380 people in these zones.


We continue to move forward with our plans to bring fiber internet service to everyone in our cooperative service area. We are currently in the planning and construction phase in six additional zones including Candlewood West, Candlewood-Shauck, Mt Gilead-Williamsport, Centerburg, Centerburg SW, and Olive Green. Those not in those areas are still encouraged to sign up as we are making plans for further expansions now.


Thank you for your patience as we work to bring Consolidated Fiber internet service to all our cooperative members. We are making our 2019 construction plans now and plan to announce those soon. We encourage those in zones not in the 2018 construction schedule to continue to register and spread the word to help us use that interest in our planning.

Survey says...

11:25am October 19, 2018

100 Percent Satisfied!

According to results from a recently-commissioned survey, it was discovered that Consolidated Fiber customers report 100 percent satisfaction with their new fiber internet service.

Case in point, meet Consolidated customer David Snyder. Once his new internet service was up and running, David was able to connect Wi-Fi to his phone.

A self-described “techy guy” whose house is “wired,” David had been unable to take advantage of many of the life-enhancing devices in his home. During the installation process, a Consolidated technician even helped him connect his thermostat to Wi-Fi.

How about you? Have you signed up for Consolidated Fiber? If not, you can do it right here, right now by completing the information at the top of this page.

Fiber installation update

11:10am September 21, 2018

Consolidated continues its work to bring super-fast, affordable, and reliable fiber internet to the homes of our members. The infrastructure is installed in Ostrander North and South fiber zones, and scheduling members-customers in those zones for connection began after Labor Day.

The plan is to begin construction in six more zones before the end of this year: Candlewood West, Candlewood-Shauck, Mt Gilead-Williamsport, Centerburg, Centerburg SW, and Olive Green.

DONUT WORRY Fast Internet is Here! (and FREE donuts!)

11:07am August 23, 2018

Join us!

August 24th

Where? Scioto Township Hall - 3737 Ostrander Rd. from 7:30 am - 8:45 am AND Consolidated Cooperative, 4993 St. Rt. 521, Delaware from 9:00 -10:00 am


August 27th

Where? Consolidated Cooperative, 5995 St. Rt. 95, Mt. Gilead, 7:30 am - 8:30 am AND the former Johnsville Volunteer Fire Department, St. Rt. 314,  Johnsville,  from 9:00 -10:00 am

We look forward to seeing you!

Zone update

4:53pm August 1, 2018