Consolidated. A New Way to Power Your Life.

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Consolidated. Light up your life.

We’re on the way! Consolidated is in the process of introducing Consolidated Fiber, our fiber optic network, which will deliver high-speed Internet to improve your quality of life. Construction is currently in process!

Our construction schedule will depend, in part, on member demand. On this website, you can sign up to declare your interest in fiber internet in your neighborhood, track our construction progress, sign up for service when it’s available, and check out plans and pricing.

We look forward to bringing you the same streaming, telecommuting, conferencing, and other tools that people across the world rely on.

Consolidated. Light up your life.

Consolidated: It's Your Company

Consolidated Cooperative’s expansion into fiber internet service isn’t about increasing our bottom line. Consolidated belongs to our members—it always has and always will. As we expand into providing fiber internet service, we are working to build and strengthen our community and the company all of us share together. With Consolidated Fiber, you’re not just choosing an ISP to provide your service—you are building the business you own.

Consolidated Fiber is an extension of Consolidated Cooperative’s commitment to improving the quality of life of our members and communities. We believe that better broadband service will enable our members to live better lives, with the power and reliability you need to stay connected.

What are some of the benefits of fiber? We’re glad you asked:

• Fiber internet offers speeds up to (and beyond) 1 Gigabit per second—that’s 1,000 Megabits per second, which is 100 times faster than the average speed most Americans have in their homes.

• Therefore, fiber lets you avoid the frustration of slow internet service.