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8:02AM October 04, 2017

Kyle Veppert

For everyone looking for updates, the following should help. Please be aware that this information was given to me by a service representative, not as an "official" announcement. I called Consolidated about a month ago and they informed me that their board voted to go through with the fiber plan! That was about a week before I called. When I asked who would be getting the service they said "all 13,000+ consolidated members". I personally have AEP, but the OTHER side of my street is CEC; they said there was a good chance I would have fiber service too but they weren't 100% certain. I asked how long would it take to roll out service; they told me they'd be starting in 8-9 months and would finish up in roughly 4 years. I asked how would they determine where service goes first and they told me wherever the interest is, they'll go first. They also said that this survey is how they track that interest almost exclusively. The best thing their rep told me to do to get fast service was continue to encourage my neighbors to fill out this survey. I hope this information was useful. If you would like to call yourself, Consolidated's has a number specific for their Enlite services. The number is 855-4-ENLITE (855-436-5483).