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5:26PM October 09, 2017

Zachary Broadway

Richard, The problem with any satellite internet is the latency you'll receive. Additionally you'll have problems with running out of available bandwidth and then being throttled to speeds WAY lower than the 6 down you receive now. In talking about internet speeds, you have three major metrics to track: 1. Download speed. This is the speed that everyone talks about. It's how all the companies compete. Anytime you're streaming, this is going to be how you are receiving your content. 2. Upload speed. This is for initiating web requests as well as sending pictures/videos/etc. via email or a service like dropbox. 3. Latency. This is the time it takes your web request to go through the upload side, and then return with a request from whichever server your reaching out to with a response. Number 3 is almost always ignored, but it can cause any web browsing to feel frustratingly slow. With Nexgen, you likely have somewhere around 60-150 millisecond latency times. With satellite internet, you'll be looking at 900+ millisecond latency times. My suggestion is hang in there with one of the Wi-Max providers (NexGen) until fiber is available. Once it is, all of the above items won't be a problem anymore for whatever you internet needs are.