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6:20PM January 10, 2018

Jim Rodgers

We moved here about 30 years ago. The only telephone service we could get was a party line! Remember those? Remember dial up modems? My service has improved over the years starting with a 2400 baud to 56k to my current 1.5 mb. That's the fastest available to me due to my distance from the switching station. The leg of my line ends in my front yard. My understanding is that underground twisted pair coppers life expectancy is 25 to 30 years. I have no memory of our telco company ever upgrading these lines. If it rains hard we can plan on our telco service to fail never mind the critters getting into the boxes and causing havoc. I call a couple of times a year to complain to no avail. I want and need real internet service and so do you. I'm all in with the Co-op on this. We need to get behind their efforts and support them and us. We are the owners after all. Jim