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5:04PM March 06, 2018

David Tatz

Oh gosh - ME PLEASE!!!!!!! Another Centurylink victim. I am provisioned for 6 mbps, but I am lucky to see more than 1.5 most of the time. Techs confirmed, nothing wrong with the line or my hardware, it's all on centurylink's side. I work in IT, and work a lot, and I am getting by, but I'd loooove an improvement. The worst part is it's gotten progressively worse, we used to stream Hulu and Netflix, but we can't stream Hulu any more. I've been chomping at the bit for an alternative. and honestly I'd probably 50% more than I am now just to get a reliable 10 Mbps. So I'd loooooooooooooove to be in that expansion!!!