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To order fiber high-speed internet, visit or call us at 800-421-5863.


 Consolidated Fiber is making every attempt to perform work without going into homes or small businesses.
Our team has successfully implemented a self-install procedure and is happy to report we
have maintained business as usual in doing so. Service technicians still arrive on-site at a scheduled time,
maintain a safe distance, deliver your equipment, and then walk members through the setup over the phone
to easily set up devices and activate services.   We are all in this together, and together, we are stronger!

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6:55PM May 09, 2018

Sandra Carroll

Just read our Township Newsletter and came here to check and Kilbourne East is only at 38% Come on guys. get signing up. Like Others here I am in IT and quality internet is a must. I deal with frequent dropped connections and bandwidth limits causing me to push deadlines at time when I am home working. video conference it difficult at best. its actually sad to have to revert to my cell phone for a call when video and audio conferencing is so widely available. While I hope we get this service sooner than later I also hope we do get the service regardless.