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Ostrander North wraps up mainline construction

1:40PM February 14, 2019

Here’s a great big SHOUT OUT to Consolidated Fiber Champions in the Ostrander North zone.

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Surf’s Up in Olive Green

2:18PM February 07, 2019

The weekend forecast is calling for more cold temperatures, and maybe even some snow—but the weather couldn’t be better for surfing the web.

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An apology

11:48AM February 06, 2019


There is a group of Consolidated members to whom the cooperative owes a sincere apology. They are the Fiber Champions who volunteered to help us get word out about our new, fiber-optic internet services.

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Coming soon to your mailbox

7:10PM January 31, 2019

If you live in Ostrander North or Ostrander South, or in Olive Green, we have some news for you!

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Fiber update

3:44PM January 15, 2019

Like many other businesses and services, Consolidated Fiber is impacted by the partial government shutdown in our country.

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It's worth waiting for

10:30AM December 12, 2018

By bringing fiber internet to your neighborhood, Consolidated is changing lives. Our mission is important, and we want to get it right because you’re depending on us.

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

8:12AM November 06, 2018

Want to help Consolidated Fiber spread the word about our new fiber internet service?

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Consolidated Fiber Construction Update

9:34AM October 24, 2018

Since announcing plans to offer fiber internet service, the Consolidated Cooperative team has been busy planning, designing, and constructing a fiber optic network throughout our cooperative territory.

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Survey says...

11:25AM October 19, 2018

According to results from a recently-commissioned survey, it was discovered that Consolidated Fiber customers report 100 percent satisfaction with their new fiber internet service.

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Fiber installation update

11:10AM September 21, 2018

Consolidated continues its work to bring super-fast, affordable, and reliable fiber internet to the homes of our members.

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Zone update

4:53PM August 01, 2018

Ostrander zones,  sign up for Consolidated’s fiber internet service between now and October 31, and you’ll get connected within 90 days.

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Fiber installation update

4:49PM July 03, 2018

The first Consolidated Fiber services have been activated this week in the Houseman Zone! Providing fiber internet service to our members is one of the biggest, most exciting, and rewarding projects we have ever taken on and we watched first hand as quality of life was enhanced for many members. From home automation hookup to the kids zooming along on their ipads, it truly was an exciting moment.  We understand the eager anticipation you all have to get consistently high performance in internet, both reliably and affordably, and appreciate your patience as we progress in the fiber initiative! 

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Attention: Ostrander North and South Zones!

3:58PM June 15, 2018

Are you wondering where your zone stands? How many more commitments* do you need to bring Fiber to your home? The update is in for Ostrander North and South zones. Ostrander North needs 239 more commitments, and Ostrander South needs 102 more for Fiber construction to begin in your zone!

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Be a Champion

3:51PM May 31, 2018

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Social Media 101

1:47PM April 04, 2018

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Update from the field

7:48PM January 19, 2018

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Fiber is coming!

12:44PM October 04, 2017

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