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Attention: Ostrander North and South Zones!

3:58PM June 15, 2018

Here’s a Call to Action!


Are you wondering where your zone stands? How many more commitments* do you need to bring Fiber to your home? The update is in for Ostrander North and South zones. Ostrander North needs 239 more commitments, and Ostrander South needs 102 more for Fiber construction to begin in your zone!

How can you help things move faster?

Use the newly added feature - the Send a Postcard Invitation! Choose up to 5 neighbors and send them a "FIBER IS COMING" postcard, simply by selecting this option under "My Dashboard." You can also choose to send an email invitation. Both are great ways to spread the word. 

BUT the best thing you can do is become a Consolidated Fiber Champion! Champions encourage their neighbors to sign up for fiber internet. They also distribute yard signs, door hangers, and flyers. Consolidated has an assortment of marketing materials to help you start your own grassroots campaign to bring this life-changing service to your rural community. If you’re interested in becoming a Consolidated Fiber Champion, look for “Want to be a Champion?” in your CrowdFiber profile, select Yes – and we’ll reach out to you!

*registered and paid

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