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Attention Ostrander South Residents: Don’t Get Left Behind

10:08AM March 28, 2019

Are you tired of the slow lane? We know you are. And you know how we can tell? Residents of your zone are well on their way to enhancing their quality of life with Consolidated Fiber’s ultra-fast, affordable, and reliable broadband internet.  

If you reside in Ostrander South, join your friends and neighbors who have already made the wise decision to travel in the fast lane and sign up for Consolidated Fiber’s internet services. 

But hurry! Mainline construction is nearly complete. Take advantage of special pricing while we’re still in your area, because once we move to a new zone the cost to circle back to Ostrander South will increase.  

What are you waiting for? The fast lane awaits! 

(Here’s a great big SHOUT OUT and thank you to the champions in Ostrander South for making their zone a success.) 

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