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To order fiber high-speed internet, visit or call us at 800-421-5863.


 Consolidated Fiber is making every attempt to perform work without going into homes or small businesses.
Our team has successfully implemented a self-install procedure and is happy to report we
have maintained business as usual in doing so. Service technicians still arrive on-site at a scheduled time,
maintain a safe distance, deliver your equipment, and then walk members through the setup over the phone
to easily set up devices and activate services.   We are all in this together, and together, we are stronger!

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Be a Champion

3:51PM May 31, 2018

The most frequently-asked question Consolidated Fiber receives is this: “When can I get service?”

We’re excited to bring you internet service like no other in the area, and we want to get it to you as soon as we can. Consolidated would love to be able to build fiber internet—ASAP—to everyone who wants it, but that’s just not logistically or financially feasible. You have our word that we are working as quickly as we can. We invite you to visit often to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in your fiber zone.

If an area remains in Pre-Registration, there could be a few reasons for this; however, the main reason is that we have received more interest from other residents in other fiber zones.

To make residential fiber internet possible in their respective area, each fiber zone community needs to work together to show support and commitment for the service. This helps Consolidated know where to apply resources.

If you want to help move things along more quickly in your zone, the best thing you can do is become a Consolidated Fiber Champion. Champions encourage their neighbors to sign up for fiber internet. They also distribute yard signs, door hangers, and flyers. Consolidated has an assortment of marketing materials to help you start your own grassroots campaign to bring this life-changing service to your rural community.

In addition, a newly added feature is the Send a Postcard Invitation! You can choose up to 5 neighbors to send a "FIBER IS COMING" postcard to by selecting this option under "My Dashboard". You can also choose to send an email invitation as well. Both are great ways to pass the word.  

If you’re interested in becoming a Consolidated Fiber Champion, look for “Want to be a Champion?” in your CrowdFiber profile, select Yes – and we’ll reach out to you!

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