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7:10PM January 31, 2019

If you live in Ostrander North or Ostrander South, or in Olive Green, we have some news for you! 

Want a better life for your family, with the convenience of super-fast, reliable, and affordable broadband internet? Then you’re probably someone who likes to keep up with the Joneses.

Or, in this case, it’s the Boleses.

Meet Ryan Boles. He was Consolidated Fiber’s first fiber internet customer. His quality of life has dramatically increased, thanks to his new broadband internet service.

Ostrander North and South residents: Be like Ryan. We’re nearing the end of construction in your neighborhoods, and now’s the time to sign up for Consolidated Fiber and receive 60% off installation! Look for details in your mailbox. 

Live in Olive Green? Like to save money? We have an opportunity for you, too! Consolidated is very close to completing construction in your fiber zone. Time’s running out to take advantage of Consolidated Fiber’s sign-up special. Say good-bye to slow or unreliable internet—and experience 100% fiber internet from Consolidated Cooperative. Details arriving soon in your mailbox—soon! (Once construction in your zone is completed and we’ve moved to another zone, your cost to connect will increase.)

Ostrander North, Ostrander South and Olive Green: Enhance your quality of life. Live the good life, affordably, with Consolidated Fiber. 

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