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To order fiber high-speed internet, visit or call us at 800-421-5863.


 Consolidated Fiber is making every attempt to perform work without going into homes or small businesses.
Our team has successfully implemented a self-install procedure and is happy to report we
have maintained business as usual in doing so. Service technicians still arrive on-site at a scheduled time,
maintain a safe distance, deliver your equipment, and then walk members through the setup over the phone
to easily set up devices and activate services.   We are all in this together, and together, we are stronger!

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Consolidated Fiber Construction Update

9:34AM October 24, 2018

Since announcing plans to offer fiber internet service, the Consolidated Cooperative team has been busy planning, designing, and constructing a fiber optic network throughout our cooperative territory. The first area where we are offering Consolidated Fiber service was in the Houseman fiber zone. Ninety percent of the homes in that zone signed up for the service. All those customers are now experiencing the life-changing difference of Consolidated Fiber. In a survey conducted by an outside research firm, all respondents reported 100% satisfaction with the service.

Here are some of the fabulous comments we’ve received from happy customers:

·         It is always on and works perfectly.

·         The attention that was given to my install was exceptional. The service quality I have had zero issues with. I have not experienced any outages. It is very stable.

·         I would give it a 15 (the scale was 1 to 5). I am bragging about it. Just keep doing what you are doing.


Since offering service in the Houseman fiber zone back in June, we have gone on to construct and install fiber internet service in the Ostrander North and Ostrander South fiber zones. We have already installed or are scheduled to install service to 380 people in these zones.


We continue to move forward with our plans to bring fiber internet service to everyone in our cooperative service area. We are currently in the planning and construction phase in six additional zones including Candlewood West, Candlewood-Shauck, Mt Gilead-Williamsport, Centerburg, Centerburg SW, and Olive Green. Those not in those areas are still encouraged to sign up as we are making plans for further expansions now.


Thank you for your patience as we work to bring Consolidated Fiber internet service to all our cooperative members. We are making our 2019 construction plans now and plan to announce those soon. We encourage those in zones not in the 2018 construction schedule to continue to register and spread the word to help us use that interest in our planning.

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