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Fiber update

3:44PM January 15, 2019

Like many other businesses and services, Consolidated Fiber is impacted by the partial government shutdown in our country.


Consolidated Fiber is paying its construction costs primarily using loans from The United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service (RUS) agency. RUS administers programs that provide much-needed financing for infrastructure or infrastructure improvements to rural communities, including telecommunications projects like Consolidated’s fiber network. 


At this point, Consolidated Fiber is unable to access funds from RUS due to the shutdown. The result is that we are unable to fund active engineering for new fiber zones and new fiber mainline construction until the shutdown concludes and those funds are released.


We sincerely apologize and are just as frustrated as you for the inconvenience this interruption creates for those waiting to receive Consolidated Fiber’s broadband internet service. We are monitoring the situation closely, but we cannot move forward until funding from RUS becomes available.  

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