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Should I, or Shouldn’t I?

10:54AM March 21, 2019

The choice is yours, but we think you SHOULD. Make Consolidated Fiber your internet provider, that is. Brought to you by Consolidated Cooperative, Consolidated Fiber has the same deep commitment to improving the quality of life in our communities.

You have a choice. We hope you’ll go with us.

Top Ten reasons to go with Consolidated’s Fiber Internet

1.      Dedicated employees who care about you

2.      Expert technicians who are quick to respond

3.      Enough bandwidth for all your devices

4.      Ultrafast, reliable, and high-quality connection

5.      Affordable

6.      Unlimited internet usage

7.      Enables your home for the future of technology

8.      Crystal clear phone conversations and streaming video

9.      24/7 technical support

10.   Fiber internet can increase your home’s market value

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