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Update from the field

7:48PM January 19, 2018

Men work with surveying equipment in the snow.

Consolidated’s initiative to bring blazing-fast and affordable Internet to the rural areas we serve is now off the drawing board and out in the field.

While there’s no getting around the fact that this is a multi-year project, Consolidated has hired an engineering firm to identify all of the infrastructure needed to create a fiber optical network connected to your home. They’re identifying trial and Phase I areas, so be sure to check back regularly for that announcement. Our plan is to roll out the service and light up the first phase of homes in late spring or early summer of this year.

You may have seen – or will see – contractors working in our service area. Their vehicles sport a “Consolidated” sign. Some of them are surveying and staking, and others, with clipboards in hand, are conducting pole-to-pole data collection. Their goal is to connect existing poles to homes, and analyze where installation of new poles is required.

The cooperative also has some new full-time faces who will help our Service Specialists serve you when it’s time to sign up for Internet service.

And that’s not all. Consolidated is continuing to hire. The fiber-to-the-home project is opening up opportunities for local employment, so if you are job hunting be sure to visit

Thank you for your continued interest.

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